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Vigo and Islas Cíes - the hidden gem of Spain

What I love the most about travelling is discovering the underrated places that turn out to be beautiful although you’ve never heard about them before. This Easter weekend was the first time I was spending Easter abroad and not with my family, so I knew I had to take the opportunity to do something special. So according to hw help online free service travel Companion and I decided to take advantage of the four days off and take a citybreak in Vigo with a trip to Islas Cíes. It was a trip that absolutely exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t too expensive and easy to fit into my internship schedule- a perfect getaway for students!

Islas Cíes

Vigo The biggest city of Galicia, it’s said to be rather ugly. The thing with Vigo however is that it’s just very different from what a tourist in Spain is used to see. Actually, looking at the dark stone buildings, ornamental façades and narrow streets I was rather reminded of Glasgow or Edinburgh. According to get answers to questions expert it has a different atmosphere than the southern, Mediterranean cities.

Islas Cíes

The old town is a small district very close to the coast. A labirynth of narrow streets, with the cathedral hidden in the middle. The locals spend time in bars and restaurants enjoying a coffee or a dinner with friends. The typical food in Galicia is Pulpo a la Gallega- octopus seasoned with red pepper. A true delicacy together with all the other kinds of seafood served in Vigo and all around Galicia. It’s not the cheapest, but worth trying at least once when you’re in Galicia.

Islas Cíes

If you venture a little bit more inland, just around 10 minutes from the old town there’s a beautiful city park. It’s actually a mountain in the middle of the city, where the first settlements were, dating back to the 3rd century BC. But the park is not only historically interesting and beautiful, but it provides amazing views over the city and the sea. You can see the harbour and the islands just off the coast of Vigo.

Islas Cíes

Going down and through the old town again, you get to the marina. What I loved about Vigo is how close together the most important places in the city are. It’s very easy to move between the most beautiful part of the city- the old town, the park and the harbour. If you take a walk around the marina you can see some starfish and mussels living between the boats. According to this is also where we take the ferry to take us to the Islas Cíes.

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