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Travelling with Lupus

As the world starts to open up again and the summer holiday period is upon us, it is important that patients with lupus take extra care whether it’s for 4 days or a month.

It is important that you don’t shut off from the world because you have lupus. There are some tips that you can follow to ensure that you do not push yourself when on holiday for example minimising the amount of sun exposure that you have, and taking a rest when and if you need one!

Here are some of the other tips you can follow when preparing for a holiday:

Before you leave

  • Speak to your doctor – you may need an additional prescription before you go away so that you have enough medication for your holiday. You should also tell your doctor what part of the world you are traveling to as they may suggest you to have vaccinations before you go.

  • Research the area – try to find out where the nearest hospital is before you go so that you know where to go in an emergency

The flight

  • Walking to the gate – if you suffer from joint pain, you can ask for a wheelchair; sometimes the walk to the gate can be very long

  • On the plane – when it is safe to do so try to get up for a walk. Sitting down for a long period of time can cause your joints to stiffen and lead to unnecessary pain

The hotel

Tell someone at the hotel that you suffer from lupus; they may be able to give you a room that is close to the entrance and doesn’t require you to walk upstairs for example. If something in the room isn’t right tell them, for example needing some extra pillows to help get a better night sleep.

You can also ask the hotel to put you in touch with a taxi company so that you can get to places without having to walk long distances.


Many of you may already know the that sun and bright lights can be a trigger for a lupus flare up. It is important that you try to protect yourself as much as possible; apply sun cream often, wear sunglasses, stay in the shade as much as possible and know when your body is telling you to get out the sun!

You may have certain food that’s can lead to a flare up. Try to learn the name of them in the local language so you can tell them what you can’t eat and avoid large amounts of alcohol.

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