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Meet Professor Graham Hughes

Professor Graham Hughes trained and qualified at The London Hospital. Following this, Professor Hughes held a Postgraduate Fellowship in New York at the Rheumatology & Lupus Centre of Dr Charles Christian. He then dedicated his time to set up a London lupus clinic and lupus pregnancy clinic within Hammersmith Hospital. In 1985 he transferred with his team to St Thomas’ Hospital, London, where he established the Louise Coote Lupus Unit, Europe’s first ‘dedicated’ lupus clinic.

Lupus, which was at a time, an awful and fatal disease which no one really understood. With thanks to Professor Hughes and his knowledgeable team, years of research has now allowed patients to lead a normal life whilst living with Lupus.

In 1983 Graham Hughes described the ‘antiphospholipid syndrome’ - now known as Hughes syndrome. In 1992, Professor Hughes and his team received the highest award in international rheumatology, the ILAR prize (International League Against Rheumatism) for their work in this field

Professor Hughes is Founder and Editor of the international journal ‘LUPUS’ and is on the Editorial Board of over 30 Medical Journals. Professor Hughes has published over 900 papers and many books on his research on Lupus and due to this he is a member of the American Lupus Hall of Fame, awarded Doctor Honoris Causa and President of the Lupus UK charity.

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