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Learn about the early signs of lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune virus that can cause a number of different symptoms, and effects everyone in different ways. Someone people with lupus will have a mild form that only gives them a few symptoms, whereas others can have a more severe case that give them a lot of symptoms and medical issues.

It is normal to start getting the symptoms in early adulthood, but can also become present from the early teens in to the thirties. Most people with lupus will experience flare-ups, meaning that they will have no or little symptoms for a period of time. This makes spotting early lupus hard, as the symptoms can be related to other medical conditions with no alert to lupus. A common symptoms that lupus suffers experience is:

Fatigue- around 90% of lupus suffers will get a form of fatigue. This can vary from being vary; meaning that for some people it can be debilitating. Having naps during the day can help to resolve this issue, however this can lead to insomnia, meaning that they cannot sleep at night. If fatigue is affecting your day to day life then it might be a good idea to go see your doctor to rule out lupus and identify if anything can be done to help resolve/reduce the issue.


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