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An update for existing patients at the London Lupus Centre

Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, we will now be offering telephone follow up appointments to all existing patients. The government is currently recommending that people avoid all unnecessary travel where possible, so choosing to have a telephone consultation over a face-to-face consultation can help you and our medical team to achieve this.

If you are feeling unwell or if you have decided to self-isolate, then a telephone follow up can be very beneficial. If you are recovering from recent surgery and unable to travel to your follow-up appointment, then a telephone follow up can be an excellent way for you to ask your consultant questions and feel reassured, without leaving your home.

We will only be offering this option to existing customers at the moment, that require a follow-up appointment; A telephone follow up of this sort is limited by the fact that there can be no physical examination, however, they are an invaluable option to have. They are a vital tool in the consultant-patient relationship and allow the consultant to assess your results, as well as an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have, especially at a time like this.

Follow up appointments by the phone have many benefits including reducing patient waiting times and travel to and from appointments. By speaking on the telephone, we can prevent delays in further investigations and treatment.

A telephone appointment is arranged in the same way as any other appointment. A date and time will be chosen, as usual, and you will also be asked to provide contact details. If required, blood test results, scans etc will be sent into the consultant beforehand, so that these can be reviewed during the appointment.

Thank you for understanding, we will update you with more information as it emerges.


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